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Our Mobile Addiction

By Russell Hirshon | February 29, 2012

With another  nod to society’s inclusion of mobile devices and their applications embedded into our daily lives, it may also serve as an reminder for all of us to look back to the days when we had far less or nothing at all.

I remember.

- Walking home from school and not talking to all.

- Going to bed with the radio playing whatever they chose and not what was served from my play list.

- Playing a board game rather than Words With Friends

- Having to pull-over to make a call

- Having no idea what anyone else was doing and wondering where they were.

- Not having to think of something witty to tweet, post or share at any given moment

- Not knowing where my girlfriend was or who she was with

- letting people take really crazy pictures of me and not worrying about anyone ever seeing them.

- Never having a camera around when you need one.

- Watching the slide projector on the wall as Friday evening entertainment.

- Having friends I could actually play with rather than attached to a list among hundreds of others whom I have never met.

- Calling people at home and actually having them pick up.

- Going to AAA to get a TripTik for our drive up north and having maps in the car just in case.

- Going on a vacation and actually having one

- Taking a hike in the mountains and if you got lost you actually had a good chance of actually freezing to death

- Driving and not waiting for the car in front of me to move because he is reading emails

- Sitting in traffic and not getting hit from behind by some ass who is reading their emails

- Using two hands on the steering wheel.

- Watching bad drivers and knowing they were actually bad drivers and not drivers who were watching their map screen while talking on speaker phone while texting.

- When you really had to guess what your kids were doing rather than reading their text messages.

- A status update would not come from your kids at 12:30am saying they are “ready to party”

- Not worrying about brain tumors due to radio waves

- Saving up for comic books, a new bike and a camera, not  the next iteration of the recently updated smartphone.

That being said, the benefits of what we have created are now part of our DNA and our devices are part of our appendages. Our children will never know what it was like to be without but we can look back and remember.

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Foursquare Jumps The Shark

By Russell Hirshon | February 19, 2011

Was I the only one that noticed that becoming a Mayor (or losing a Mayorship) just got a lot more real.  In politics, where it literally took you posting your topless picture online to get kicked out of office, Foursquare would require diligence (or ignorance) in to win or lose a Mayorship in the past. If you lost it, getting it back could require a lengthy period of time and a lot of visits.  Now, within just a few days this week, I have become a Mayor and lost that same Mayorship within 24 hours for multiple locations. Suddenly, becoming Mayor and losing that crown became a lot easier.

What does that mean? My guess is that Foursquare found its countless followers getting bored with chasing squatters as the number of available locations dwindled. What better way to make it more interesting than to put locations back into play. Personally I think that the novelty has worn off for me and likely those types of people looking for someway to enjoy their social check-in time.

I loved you Foursquare but with SXSW in 4 weeks I will be looking for the next provider of sensory stimulation.

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When the Core Function of Mobile Devices is Not Making A Call.

By Russell Hirshon | October 17, 2010

This just seems like one of those moments where millions of people will watch this and decide they can really do so much more with their iPhone then they had previously considered.

Atomic Tom Live on NYC subway.

As a reference, my nine year old son watched the video and installed the piano and percussion music applications on his iPod touch. Be on the lookout for iPhone based instrument bands.

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